Choosing a Trailer

Identify Your Trailering Needs

It is important to understand what your needs are in order to appropriately choose a trailer. Below, we have provided helpful questions to consider as you think about which trailer is the best fit for you.

  • How will the trailer be used?
    • Agriculture / Construction / Forestry / Landscape / Manufacturing / Safety / Transportation / Utilities
  • How often will the trailer be used?
    • Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly
  • What type of load will you be carrying?
  • What is the approximate weight of the typical load?
  • What is the approximate length of the typical load?
  • How big is current trailer fleet?

HELP: If you need assistance finding the trailer that fits your need, contact Marvin Dawson.
Marvin Dawson

Trailers Representative, Burgoon Company
Ph: (713)907-0938